All entrepreneurs reach a crucial and exciting point in their journey. You have passed the start-up stage, you’re no longer worried about where the next invoice will come from and you have a ton of opportunities you know that you could land if you focussed on chasing them.

But you also know that you need to invest in your business, and while you’re turning a good profit – you don’t have that cash injection to strengthen the infrastructure of your business and scale fast.

What sort of investment are we talking about?

You may need to hire extra people to fulfil your growth aspirations and therefore want bigger premises. Perhaps you are leasing your offices and want to buy, or even build your own?

Maybe an opportunity has arisen to acquire another business and increase your market share but you don’t have that lump sum capital to accelerate towards your goals?

Should you go to your bank?

Unlike banks, we can search for products across the whole of the market – a bank can only provide you with their own packages and these are not always competitive, and the paperwork may be significantly more onerous than another lender.

Blue Bull Finance can find a bespoke product that fits your exact needs; if one isn’t a good fit, we have hundreds more to choose from.

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