Ten financial truths every SME Director should understand

Rick Flay of Blue Bull Finance points out, understanding just a few key financing realities can certainly help…

Take a tangent: a sideways look at business finance for SMEs

Whilst the lending criteria of mainstream providers can be problematic for SMEs, the modern financing landscape offers plenty of attractive alternatives.

It’s Good To Talk About Finance! Or Is It?! What Are Your Thoughts?

At Blue Bull Finance we believe in the personal touch and like to help our clients at the stage where they are planning their financial requirements.

Struggling To Get Credit?

If a business is very young or has a history of imperfect credit, a loan can often be difficult to secure that’s where All-Status Lending comes into play

MBI’s and MBO’s – Supporting New and Existing Entrepreneurs

Did you know that a management buy-out (MBO) or a management buy-in (MBI) can mean the difference between financial success or failure?

Import Trade finance – Helping Businesses Go Global

Property Developers’ Funding Pains

This article by Blue Bull Finance owner Rick Flay was published on the Property Aspects Magazine website.

Are Banks Stifling SME Funding?

This interview with Blue Bull Finance owner Rick flay was published in Business aspects magazine.

Development Finance- Foundations For Your Future Success

Here at Blue Bull Finance, we understand that each development is unique and that many find it difficult to find the funding package to support their requirements.

Looking to “Bridge” The Finance Gap in Your Business?

If you are suffering from bad credit, or need to raise finance swiftly for your business, why not get in touch to see if we can help you to “bridge the gap”?

Asset Finance Left ‘Unscathed’ By Brexit Negotiations

Many business owners are opting for asset finance at a time when the banks are tightening their purse strings.

SMEs There’s More To Funding Than Traditional Banks

Some UK entrepreneurs are not fully aware of the different funding options available to them to support their long-term growth, a report has found.

Business Finance- The ‘Chicken and the Egg’ Conundrum

The pursuit of business finance is by no means an easy one. Unless of course you know where to look.

Want To Spread The Cost Of Your Vat Or Corporation Tax?

We have a finance product that allows you to spread the cost of your VAT or Corporation Tax payments into manageable monthly payments, rather than one lump sum

Feeling ‘Blue’ Over Commercial Mortgage Applications?

Here at Blue Bull Finance, we get many enquiries about commercial mortgages, and we can help to dilute the terms and jargon associated with them!

What Do You Know About the Annual Investment Allowance?

How can the Annual Investment Allowance help your business grow?

What does Brexit mean for your business?

Many business owners are asking what Brexit will mean for small businesses?

Is finding development funding proving to be a pain?

We have the ability to provide funding for a diverse range of property development projects

Are you a business wanting to scale… FAST?

You don’t have that cash injection to strengthen the infrastructure of your business and scale fast.

Christmas trading financing

Most businesses are leaving cash on the table as they are not adequately prepared for the Golden Quarter that is Christmas Trading.

When is it a good time to use bridging finance?

In essence , bridging is a short term, interest only loan, which has traditionally been used to help fund a property purchase.