Where do businesses get the cash for their Christmas trading period?

Q4 is finally upon us; the Christmas trading period to which many refer to as the Golden Quarter is hotly anticipated for businesses across the world. Why? Because for some sectors this period can represent as much as 80% of their annual turnover from a three-month trading period.

Sectors such as retail, E-commerce, beauty, hospitality and leisure should all be primed to use the Christmas trading period to provide a harvest of revenue for many months to come, but most are still leaving cash on the table as they are not adequately prepared for the Golden Quarter.

The challenge for many small businesses is the access to finance to prepare for that uplift – ensuring your website can handle increased traffic, paying for advertising campaigns to ensure shoppers choose you instead of your competitor, and most importantly having plenty of stock.

If you are a business in the hospitality industry then the excess and gluttony of the festive season, catering for office Christmas parties, Mad Friday and family get-togethers is the time of the year when you can generate enough revenue to keep you comfortable through the tougher months. But to do that you need to have plenty of stock. We understand that the extra investment in champagne and bottles of spirits can sometimes cause some cash flow challenges when you need to outlay these, months prior to seeing the reward from them.

Or perhaps you are a beauty salon who would love to offer a fine selection of Christmas gel nail colours, party lashes or slimming wraps this season but the investment in materials and training, along with paying the rent, rates and staff wages is all too much at once.

How can we help you get more sales this Christmas trading period?

If your business operates a credit/debit card terminal to take payments, then we may be able to help you!

Blue Bull Finance can help you to secure lending of £2,500 right up to £500,000 based on the turnover that goes through your card machine, not on your profits. If you are eligible, we can get the cash to you quickly and it’s up to you how to you spend it.

What are the key benefits of this kind of solution?

  • Soft Search (it won’t adversely affect your credit rating by applying)
  • No Personal Guarantee
  • No property needed as security
  • Decision usually within a week
  • Flexible repayments based on card takings
  • Lending based on turnover not profit

How is the finance repaid?

Repayments are flexible and based on your card takings, so you don’t need to worry about having a huge fixed repayment to find in January.

If this sounds like something your business could benefit from you can please call our team on: 07774 652344 or email rick@bluebullfinance.co.uk