With almost nine out of 10 (87%) builders believing that material prices will rise in the next six months, according to new research compiled in the Q4 2018 State of Trade survey from the Federation of Master Builders, many businesses seeking to undertake renovations and developments may be in for a costly time.

One of the biggest challenges faced by property developers is undoubtedly accessing enough money to get their projects off the ground. Whether you are a business looking to extend your commercial office space, looking to build a new HQ, or even a housing development, this is one of the biggest hurdles faced. and for many, the answer is development finance.

So, what is development finance?

Property development finance is a short-term loan used for funding either complex renovations, or new build projects. If you are thinking of building a housing estate, or even converting an office block into facts, then development finance could be for you.The loan amount is usually based on a calculation of land value, build costs and gross development value – ie what will the site be worth when the refurbishment or construction project is finished. Loans can be structured so that the developers contribution is utilised up front, with the lender providing the majority of the build costs.

Here at Blue Bull Finance, we understand that each development is unique and that many find it difficult to find the funding package to support their requirements. Our panel of funders include specialists who can support you within the commercial and residential property market. We have access to a wide range of finance support options allowing you to tailor a bespoke solution.

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