Many companies are struggling to decide on importing and exporting in light of confusion over the direction Brexit will take businesses.

Research by the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) indicates that half of the 2,500 businesses surveyed have to consider uncertainty over Brexit when deciding whether to trade internationally.

So for those firms willing to continue importing, or doing so for the first time, it would be beneficial to have full financial support in their armour.

That’s where import trade finance comes in.

So, what is import trade finance?

Import finance refers to various forms of credit options that allow international traders in particular to solve their cash-flow problems. It is also referred to as trade, stock or inventory finance depending on the regional context.

It could be any form of credit facility that allows an import trader to gain access to cash reserves needed to further business objectives and grow their firms.

There are numerous reasons why you should use import finance to grow your business.

International trade requires significantly large cash reserves. The importer most likely will want to purchase in bulk, this is impossible to do when cash limitations are an issue. But with access to import trade financing, they are able to have a steady cash flow and carry out their business hassle-free.

Using this type of finance can increase gross profits and turnover and are sure that opportunities are not missed – buyers who have access to import export financing are strategically placed to transact smoothly. Their buying capability is raised and they therefore have access to the goods they need to carry out business.

There are various types of import trade finance, including revolving credit, and asset finance.

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