The internet has changed the way we all do business. Increasingly, businesses are only communicating with automated telephone systems and completing online application forms. Whilst this era is good for efficiency and out of hours working, we think that it is losing a fundamental part of the financing journey.

It’s Good To Talk or is It??

A study by Nextiva  in early 2019 suggests that over 40% of customers prefer to talk to a real person for complicated interactions– here at Blue Bull Finance our customers agree that they would much rather talk to an advisor than be dealt with over email.

At Blue Bull Finance we believe in the personal touch and like to help our clients at the stage where they are planning their financial requirements so that we can fully understand customers’ needs and objectives to deliver a personalised and effective solution.

Often customers are unsure of the finance they require and do not fully understand the differences between types of finances.. Having a two-way discussion with a customer allows Blue Bull Finance to offer insightful guidance and share the benefits of our experience and knowledge. We use our expertise to educate customers, based on their business requirements and use our knowledge to suggest what we think the best solution for their business would be.

Our team of business and property financial experts at Blue Bull Finance are on-hand to discuss business finance for Commercial, Property and Business loans, and understand the importance of communication in business.

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