Over the last few years, the role of bridging has become an extremely viable option for businesses seeking to raise finance in the U.K.

According to latest figures, the demand for bridging loans taken out for business purposes increased last year, from 12% in 2017 to 14% in 2018 (www.mt-finance.com).

So what exactly is a bridging loan?

A bridging loan is a type of short term finance, which is used to “bridge the gap” between the purchase of something which has a set deadline. These loans usually last between three and 24 months.

What can a bridging loan be used for? A wide variety of uses including,

  1. Property development.
  2. Investment purchases.
  3. Commercial office building purchases.
  4. Buying a new business

So what are the benefits of bridging loans?

The benefits of bridging finance are vast, which is what makes them so popular!

Best for bad credit: Many of our enquiries come from limited companies which are struggling to obtain high street finance, so it provides an alternative option for those with debt or bad credit.

Shorter time-frames: Unlike some other forms of finance which can take up to two months to obtain, bridging finance can often be raised way more quickly

If you are suffering from bad credit, or need to raise finance swiftly for your business, why not get in touch with our friendly team to see if we can help you to “bridge the gap”?

At Blue Bull Finance we work with you to assess the best method of funding to suit your business needs.

Whichever method of finance you choose for your business growth, talk to us before you dive in as there are plenty of options to consider.

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