Commercial Mortgages

If you are looking to purchase, refinance or renovate commercial premises we can tailor make a package to suite your individual needs. Our extensive panel of funders and access to a strong range of products and terms will give you flexibility. You will be able to discuss all options available and make an informed decision on the best solution.

Investment Mortgages

Are you involved in the property investment market? We are able to support new enquiries and refinancing of existing investments including residential, commercial and semi-commercial properties. Our panel of funders can support single acquisitions through to multi-million pound portfolios. We have access to a range of investment products and terms to give you the flexibility required.

Development Finance

Each development is unique and you can find it difficult to find the funding package to support your requirements. Our panel of funders include specialist who can support you within the commercial and residential property market. We have access to a wide range of finance support options allowing you to tailor a bespoke solution.

Short Term Finance

Do you need short term finance support? We can provide access to funding quickly when you need support with a new purchase or refinance. Our panel of funders support Investment, Commercial, Land Acquisition and Development finance requirements. We are also able to provide funding support to clients who purchase through auctions.

Invoice Finance

Do you have the working capital they need to start or grow you business? Invoice finance is a facility that improves the cash flow within the business by unlocking cash held within invoices. As your turnover increases your invoice finance grows with you to support any additional working capital you may need. We have access to a whole of market panel and can support Factoring, Invoice Discounting, Payroll Finance and Trade Finance requirements for UK Importers.

Selective/Spot Factoring

Do you have an immediate or infrequent working capital requirement? By unlocking a particular debtor or group of debtors you can access the cashflow you require when you need it without the need to enter into a traditional factoring facility. You can even arrange cash release against a single invoice supporting your working capital when you need it.

Credit/Debit Card Factoring

Are you looking for a lump sum of cash to support the working capital of your business? Business cash advance is an alternative to traditional finance, if you take payment by debit or credit card you are able to raise a cash lump sum which can be used as you wish. Repayment is an agreed percentage of you debit and credit card takings, and follows the performance of the business. This is a cashflow friendly alternative and works well for businesses in the hospitality and retail sectors, and businesses looking to invest in stock, equipment or refurbishment.

Asset Finance

If you are investing in new assets for your business are you exploring all of the funding options available? Why tie valuable cash up in assets that could be used to support the working capital requirements of your business? By exploring a range of flexible asset finance solutions you can fund plant, machinery, IT equipment, cars, vans and HGV’s over an appropriate period can retain cash in the business to support your plans.

Peer to Peer

Are you looking for fast and flexible cash to support a range of purposes including, working capital, new asset purchase, expansion, refurbishment or finance for one off costs peer to peer funding is rapidly becoming a real alternative to traditional funding. Businesses can borrow from £5k to £1m directly from individuals; unsecured loans are available up to £100k typically only requiring a personal guarantee.

All Status Lending

Have you experienced difficult trading resulting in adverse credit? Are you experiencing difficulties in accessing credit to support your businesses? You are unlikely to raise the funds they require from the high street lenders, our whole of market panel will allow us to tailor make a commercial mortgage to meet your funding requirements.