Many businesses experience stuttering cash flow or delayed payments and require periodic injections of working capital to remain effective. But if a business is very young or has a history of imperfect credit, a loan can often be difficult to secure. That’s where All-Status Lending potentially comes into play, as all is not lost.

What is All-Status Lending?

All-Status Lending is broadly the same as non-status lending. It describes the provision of business finance to those with impaired, low or limited credit ratings, who might otherwise find it difficult to secure finance from traditional sources. It can be offered in a variety of circumstances and may sometimes require the provision of security in the form of residential or commercial property.

How flexible is it?

With loan terms from a few months to years and a range of rates and fee options, All-Status Lending can solve a number of different funding issues. At Blue Bull, we look at the best lender for the individual situation and try to tailor each solution specifically for the requirements of that specific individual or business.

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