For small companies and dynamic start-ups, the High Street bank has traditionally been the go-to resource for reliable funding.

But while the lending criteria of mainstream providers can be problematic for SMEs with limited credit histories and modest assets, the modern financing landscape offers plenty of attractive alternatives.

For instance, unsecured loans and all-status lending enable a far greater range of borrowers to engage with lenders in negotiating meaningful loan sums, interest rates and repayment terms.

Peer-to-peer lending also enables entrepreneurs to sustain business growth by borrowing money through online services that match suitable lenders with suitable borrowers.

And while asset financing enables a business to acquire expensive equipment by spreading the up-front costs over the lifetime of the lease, schemes like property finance and invoice financing enable SMEs to tailor their lending choices to their circumstances with far greater precision than was once possible.

With options like these making real ground in the marketplace, Rick Flay of Blue Bull Finance believes the speed, scale, variety and flexibility of modern finance is of great benefit to SMEs:

“When you’re borrowing money for your business, there’s rarely now any need to feel hamstrung by slow money, inadequate sums or inflexible repayment terms.

“The market has become far more dynamic than it used to be and, as a Director of an SME, that can enable you to feel like you’re right back in charge of your finances.”

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