As we hurtle towards 29th March 2019, without little more clarity on what sort of deal we will be looking at post Brexit than we had two years ago – many business owners are asking what Brexit will mean for small businesses? Should we delay our growth plans?

Although it is too soon to predict with any certainty how commerce will be affected, we don’t believe that businesses should need to hold back on making investment in their business (unless their business is directly impacted by Brexit, such as importing from Europe)

Good news for Britain

There has been a lot of great news for business since Brexit – unemployment is the lowest it has been for a long time at 4% (it was 8.4% in November 2011, to put that into context!) and householders appear to have thrown caution to the wind with more consumer spending and borrowing.

This is good news for businesses, as a decline in consumer spending might have indicated weak confidence in Britain post-Brexit. Householders don’t seem to be fretting over a post-Brexit Apocalypse just yet! And of course, money being spent by consumers – is money in your bank.

Final word

If your business is growing and you want to further scale up, we believe the wheels will keep moving despite Brexit. It may even present you with lucrative new opportunities you had not previously explored such as exporting while the pound is still weak.

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