In essence , bridging is a short term, interest only loan, which has traditionally been used to help fund a property purchase.

I am sure you are well aware that the property market can move fast, and opportunities come and go in days. Perhaps it’s necessary to complete a speedy purchase or to refinance an existing asset quickly.

Let us shop around for you for the best rates, additional funds or increased flexibility.

Different funding companies will lend against different scenarios, so by talking to Blue Bull Finance, we can find the right lender to solve your particular need. We can offer speed and flexibility. We will ensure that your application is tailored to meet your unique needs, whilst making sure that the funder gets the information they require.

Using our process we make sure you application goes to the right funder the first time, reducing the time it takes to get the funding approved.

Whether you are looking for help with land buying, auctions, renovations, HMO, buy/refurbishment/sell (flip), or development finance, rest assured we can help.

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